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Uso del móvil en verano

El 93,2 por ciento de los españoles no desconecta durante las vacaciones. Sólo el 9 por ciento declara llevarlo encima pero no hacerle caso y tan sólo un 1,6 por ciento lo deja en casa. Según el estudio de bq, el 51,1 por ciento prefiere dejarlo encendido para mantener el contacto con su círculo personal, el 5,3 por ciento asegura que prefiere tenerlo encendido para que le puedan localizar desde el trabajo en cualquier momento, el 36,3 por ciento lo deja encendido para que le puedan localizar en caso de emergencia, por lo menos el 74,8 por ciento utiliza su móvil para sacar fotos, un 60,5 por ciento lo utiliza como despertador y un 53,6 por ciento reemplaza su GPS tradicional por su teléfono móvil. Tan solo el 35 por ciento de los encuestados lo utiliza únicamente como teléfono. El 30 por ciento lo usa como guía de viajes y un 26 por ciento como radio.

Red Flag Launches Xmas App

We’ve just launched a special app for this Christmas. To be fair it’s still in alpha. However rather than waiting another year to release it we’ve chosen to release it now as it is so you can enjoy the festive…

Mobile Marketing Summary

According to a recent report nearly 30 percent more people own smartphones now than in 2012. As a consequence more smartphone owners routinely use their mobile devices to access the Internet. As a matter of fact 93 percent of smartphone…

Safe Browsing

Did you know approximately one billion people use Google Safe Browsing and that it is part of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers? And did you know that Google Chrome is the most widely used Internet browser in the…

Mobile Travel & Bookings

More people are planning and booking their travel online. At Red Flag we’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the contribution of mobile to online booking on our customers websites. If you’re involved in the travel, hospitality or tourism industry we can help your business capitalize on mobile too.

What type of mobile app?

In mobile app development different approaches are possible. A mobile app can either be native, web based or hybrid. An approach will be preferred over another depending on budget, project timeframe, target audience, functionality, etc. In this article we’ll see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each mobile app development approach.

5 Basic Tips To Protect Your Mobile Data

More than 30,000 mobile phones were stolen last year in Ireland with 16,000 in Dublin alone. With the theft of a smartphone the most valuable part of it is also lost: your data. That’s why it’s important for any smartphone…

Google And The Future Of Search

Red Flag attended an interesting presentation by Google on The Future Of Search this morning. One of the main points is that a business better have a mobile optimised website in order to capitalize on mobile searches. At Red Flag we help businesses capitalize on mobile.