Testimonial: Blaming the other half

  • She says she has lost her feelings for me
  • She acts angry
  • She doesn’t want to be touched
  • She blames the relationship
  • She blames me for the whole situation
  • She says the most hurtful things to me
  • She’s trying to push me away
  • She says she doesn’t have a problem: “you’re the problem”…

“In public or at work or when around friends she acts like there’s nothing wrong. Like she’s the girl she used to be. But when home she turns back into that angry, unapproachable person she’s being at the moment”

Full story ” My partner has depression, wont get help, and blames me for everything!!??” https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/supporting-family-and-friends-with-a-mental-health-condition-(carers)/my-partner-has-depression-wont-get-help-and-blames-me-for-everything!!