Testimonial from a depressed man

Normally the first person that a depressed person targets is the one they love, and in this situation it’s unfortunately you.

Normally the first person that a depressed person targets is the one they love

It’s because the person who is not depressed tries valiantly to reason with the depressed person, but there’s little chance it will work, because it’s impossible, and why this happens is due to the fact that what they are thinking only goes in one direction, and that’s downwards, all in a negative way.

There is no way you can discuss any of this in a respectable mature way, and don’t worry it happened with me, as I was in denial, and didn’t need any help, nor medication so my misery continued on, not that I thought it was like this, because if I had known then I may have wanted professional help.

The alternative is to keep quite, which I know is going to hurt you, but if you decide to force him to speak then what he says won’t be to your liking.

Unfortunately it’s going to a long process for the both of you, as no one can click their fingers and make it go away, it’s such an awful illness that clings to people for as long as it takes to overcome this disease.

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