Wicklow County Tourism Website

“We are delighted and proud of the new site Red Flag has designed and developed for us. Online marketing for any tourism organisation is vital. With the booming market of smartphones and tablets, it was extremely important to find the right technology that would adapt to a market that is in constant evolution. The technology and development that Red Flag proposed just did that.” – Fred Verdier – Wicklow County Tourism Development Officer – read more

“Easier to use and maintain, the new website offers a better and more efficient browsing experience to visitors planning a holiday to Wicklow, or locals looking for something to see or do. … As almost a quarter of all traffic to Wicklow County Tourism's website comes from a mobile device, this website was designed to be fully mobile friendly. This feature is invaluable as the use of mobile devices is continuously increasing.” – Wicklow News

“not sure how you do it guys, but 6 months after our site is live, our google ranking has reached unexpected levels. I am very confident that we should be on the top 5 site for all our expected keywords within a few months. Great work! Thanks” – Fred Verdier – Wicklow County Tourism Development Officer