Wicklow County Tourism Native Mobile App

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  • Official Wicklow County Tourism Mobile App
  • Mobile App of Wicklow County Tourism

Visit Wicklow is the official mobile app of Wicklow County Tourism. It's a native Android mobile app that's been voluntarily kept lightweight in order to minimize memory consumption on the mobile while loading geolocation data very fast. This mobile app – which is to be used as a companion of the VisitWicklow.ie website – was designed to help tourist visitors quickly find their way around County Wicklow.

The mobile app allows users to browse through the map and locate the nearest attractions, activities, accommodation, food and drink, shopping, services and offers in county Wicklow from the user’s current geolocation.

The Official Wicklow County Tourism mobile app offers direct calling and navigation options, and links back to the info on VisitWicklow.ie website.

Visit Wicklow Official Wicklow County Tourism Mobile App by Red Flag on Google Play