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3 Critical Reasons To Get Your Brand Mobile In 2013

19 December 2012

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Following up on our recent post "Mobile: 3 Basic Pitfalls To Avoid In 2013" today we're publishing three critical reasons to get your brand mobile found in a recent survey from Google underlining the damage a business might be causing to its brand by not having a website optimised for mobile. Have a read.

Mobile sites lead to mobile purchases

This is a no-brainer. Shoppers are more likely to buy a product or service if your site is optimised for mobile. 75% of participants said they are more likely to return to a website in the future if the experience on mobile is good.

If your website isn't optimised for mobile, clients will go elsewhere

This is common sense really. If somebody doesn't feel welcome in your house how can you expect him to come back? He'll find a better place to go and eventually stay. Some companies out there even think if interested mobile users will come back to their website on a desktop. Sure… The majority of participants in the survey said that if they can't find what they're looking for on your website, they'll sooner seek out a competitor's mobile-friendly site instead of switching to a PC to revisit yours.

A bad mobile experience can damage a company's brand

How many people would you say appreciate being given the finger? That's exactly how a mobile user might feel when landing on a website that is not optimised for mobile and that feeling is immediately associated with the brand. So yes a bad mobile experience can create bad feelings about your company. Nearly 50% of participants in Google's survey said they feel frustrated and annoyed when they stumble upon a website that's not mobile-friendly. It makes them feel like a company doesn't care about their business. Over 50% said a poor mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with a company in the future.

Is having your website optimised for mobile or a mobile app part of your good resolutions for 2013? Give us a shout then and we'll be happy to discuss!