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Mobile Marketing Summary

17 October 2013

According to a recent report nearly 30 percent more people own smartphones now than in 2012. As a consequence more smartphone owners routinely use their mobile devices to access the Internet. As a matter of fact 93 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to access the Internet, compared with 65 percent a year ago. Nearly 40 percent of Internet time is now on mobile. There're also has been a 20 percent increase in mobile online shopping. Those latest mobile figures confirm once again why having a mobile marketing strategy is critical for any business or at least some form of mobile presence.

Mobile Marketing

Depending on your industry, target audience and budget it is possible to find the type of mobile marketing that works best for your business. Thus considering 80% of mobile time is spent engaged with apps as well your business could tap into mobile advertising involving mobile apps. Did you know services such as Google Mobile Ads can help you create mobile ads that appear within third-party mobile apps? You can also have ads that are integrated into Facebook's mobile app. Mobile search ads are basic Google search ads built for mobile that feature extra add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps. There's also mobile marketing involving QR code scanning where mobile users are taken to a specific landing page. At last location-based mobile marketing allow for ads to be displayed depending on the geolocation of the mobile user.

Regardless of the mobile marketing strategy you decide to go with a form of mobile presence is required in order to give your prospects the best possible mobile user experience. Remember for instance 61 percent of mobile users won't return to a website they've had difficulties with. At a minimum your website should be optimised for mobile either as a responsive website or as a mobile web app. If your business has a mobile optimised website already then you could look at strengthening the relationship with your existing customers, increase your customer engagement and widen your target audience with a mobile app. At Red Flag we can help you choose and develop the type of mobile app your business needs.