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What type of mobile app?

17 June 2013

"What type of app does my organisation need?"”

Well as you might imagine that depends. There are multiple factors involved when deciding on the most suitable development approach for a mobile app. What is your budget? When does your mobile app need to be in market? What is the app main functionality? etc.

In terms of finance companies with an unlimited budget will opt for one native app per operating system (OS) in addition to a web app – however most companies don't have an unlimited budget and need to select carefully. If time to market is critical – e.g. the mobile app must be on the market ASAP – then a web app may be the best option as it is quicker to build and it can be pushed live immediately without the hassle of submitting to app stores. If your app requires access to specific mobile features such as GPS or camera or contacts interaction etc. then a native app or a hybrid app is what you'd need.

Here are basic cases to help you choose the most suitable development approach for your mobile app.

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