SMS Loc8

SMS Loc8 automatically sends your geolocation to family, friends and business contacts that have permission to query your geolocation and automatically responds to incoming calls and text messages from users in your contacts list with custom messages that may include your geolocation.
SMS Loc8 allows you to benefit from the robustness of SMS network infrastructure by running even when there is no Internet connection.
SMS Loc8 always provide geolocation* – when enabled – even when GPS is not available as it switches to different geolocation providers.
SMS Loc8 consumes very little battery power as it’s only active for incoming calls and text-messages and is dormant the rest of the time.

SMS Loc8 Free Features

Allows members of your family, friends and company contacts to find your current location by sending you a text message which contains the Geolocation Request Password. This facility is available to anyone who has access to your Geolocation Password regardless of whether they’ve got a smartphone or a mobile.

Similarly you can know the geolocation of contacts that have SMS Loc8 installed on their smartphone from your smartphone or mobile.

Typical uses

  • Family members wishing to know geolocation of their relatives (children, parents, grandparents, etc.).
  • Companies can use to check geolocation of employees in the field.
  • Friends wanting to share their current geolocations.

An example of your Geolocation Password could be: Where are you? Once a text message is sent to you containing the password, the app will send the sender a text message showing your location provider the sender is in your contacts list.

The maximum time for the GPS to get a fix before switching to a different geolocation provider can be set from preset durations from 1 minute to 15 minutes maximum. If a GPS fix is acquired within the specified timeframe it is included in the outgoing text message otherwise the geolocation to be included is sought from a different provider.

SMS Autoresponder

Send user definable text messages in response to incoming calls and text messages, which you cannot immediately take or respond to. The autoresponder can be set to always on or for specified time intervals e.g next five minutes, next 3 hours etc.

Some typical messages are

  • “I’m driving and I cannot take your call right now.”
  • “I’m in a meeting, I will contact you later.”
  • “I’m at the cinema, I will contact you in 2 hours.”

SMS Loc8 allows you stay safe by taking care of your calls and text messages and not being distracted by your smartphone while you concentrate on driving.

If you wish you can show your geolocation as part of the response – useful if you are travelling to meet someone and you want to let them know where you are.

Premium Features

The following additional features are available to SMS Loc8 subscribers only. A yearly subscription costs €1.99.

  • Multiple response messages support for autoresponder.
  • SMS Signature: a 24 characters signature can be included or excluded as part of the text message. This is user definable.
  • Enable / disable logging of geolocation requests so they appear or not in your smartphone’s SMS inbox messages.
  • Enable / disable logging of sms automated responses so they appear or not in your smartphone’s SMS sent messages.
  • Set the minimum response time from a preset drop down menu to determine what time has to elapse between two consecutive geolocation requests from the same person before responding.
  • Set the minimum response time from a preset drop down menu to determine what time has to elapse between two consecutive text messages from the same person before responding.
  • Set the audio for incoming text messages. This can be set normal audio, vibrate or silent for incoming geolocation requests and text messages.
  • New additional features as they are added to the app.

SMS Loc8 is no longer available on Google Play.

(*) Geolocation accuracy varies from 5ms to 2kms depending on the geolocation provider.