Mobile Web App Development

mobile web app by Red Flag in Dublin County Dublin Ireland

A web app is a mobile website that looks like a native app without the features of a native app. A web app can even be launched from a shortcut just like any native app. It runs entirely within the browser of the mobile phone and make use of latest JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 features available in modern mobile browsers.

One of the most prominent advantages of a web app is its multi-platform support and low cost of development. However unlike native apps, which are independent executables with full access to the mobile's hardware and services, as previously mentioned, web apps run within the browser and as such have limited access to the device's hardware or not access at all. Furthermore due to their nature web apps only work when the mobile device is connected to the Internet.

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If your mobile project falls into one of the scenarios below then a mobile web app is likely to be what you need.

  • The budget is tight and your organisation wants to start having a mobile presence.
  • Your company wants to fully control the distribution process of the app.
  • Your mobile app doesn't require access to specific smartphone features (send and receive SMS, contacts list, camera, etc.).

At Red Flag we've released mobile web apps that maximise the mobile user's experience. We have extensive experience covering the full mobile web app development project lifecycle from taking the initial requirements and presenting a mockup to publish the mobile web app on the Internet and closely monitor its performance. Contact us to discuss your mobile web app project.