Native Mobile App Development

native mobile app in Dublin Ireland

Unlike other type of mobile apps a native mobile app works even when offline, has a low memory footprint, is quick to react to the mobile user's input e.g. highly responsive, can perform complex tasks without consuming much resources, can access all the native features of the smartphone and can access those features fast and efficiently. There is no limit when it comes to native mobile app development.

A native mobile app is a downloadable application developed in a coding language supported by the smartphone's operating system e.g. Java/C++/Android, Objective-C/iOS, C++/Symbian, etc. Once installed on the smartphone it can be launched anytime by the mobile user. As it starts the native app interfaces directly with the mobile operating system (OS), without any intermediary or container. The native app is free to access available smartphone's hardware – GPS, camera, touchscreen, microphone, etc. – and interact with services such as making phone calls, send and receive text messages, browsing the web, managing the contacts, handling the calendar, etc. and has often unique features and functions typical of that specific mobile OS.

Native mobile apps achieve the highest level of performance which greatly contribute maximising the mobile user's experience. A native mobile app works only on the platform for which it is developed. Thus a mobile app developed for Android only works on Android powered smartphones.

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If your mobile project falls into one of the scenarios below then it is likely a native mobile app is what you need.

  • The mobile devices of the targeted mobile users – employees, customers, … – are powered by a specific operating system (Android, iOS or Windows Phone, etc.)
  • The mobile app needs access to the smartphone's native functionality such as access to the contacts list, send and receive SMS, camera (to take pictures, scan QR codes, etc.), etc.
  • The app requires real time responsiveness so the desired action is triggered as soon as the mobile user interacts with the mobile.

At Red Flag we've released native apps that maximise the mobile user's experience. We are experienced in covering the full native app development project lifecycle from taking the initial requirements and presenting a mockup to deploy the native mobile app on the market and closely monitor its performance. Contact us to discuss your mobile app project.