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A tailored solution that maximizes hits on target

We don't just design and develop websites but we turn websites into powerful business channels of communication. Web design is the art of creating presentations of content. Web development is the skill of structuring the content so the probability of achieving the website's objective is always maximum. Our website design and development team holds expertise in latest web-based technologies. We deliver websites tailored to organizations so your website clearly differentiates from your competitors and remains unique. Our website development team invest its time to create dynamic web solutions that maximizes the probability of achieving the objective of the website providing you with the results you always wanted. The websites we design and develop are slick and tailored to your needs.

We've implemented complex technology solutions using a variety of server-side scripting languages such as Php and Asp coupled with different relational database management systems such as MySQL and SQL Server hosted on either Unix or Windows servers. All our websites are developed using the latest website coding standards e.g. HTML5 and CSS3. Depending on the project requirements we're using the most appropriate website development tool which can be WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, X-Cart or CS-Cart and implement essential features delivering therefore a tailored web-solution in minimum time and with minimum cost. When required for some specific projects we partner with leading graphic designers for templates built from scratch and custom designed.

Mobile Optimised

We particularly emphasize the way the content is structured and page navigation so the website always looks good whether it is being accessed from a desktop or a mobile providing this way a very pleasant experience to the visitors making the experience between desktop and mobile seamless ensuring this way the maximum probability of hitting the website's target objective is always there. Thus when a website we've developed is accessed from a mobile phone the images appear properly, the text is clearly visible without pinching or zooming, the links and buttons are mobile friendly, the location and phone number are visible and so is the shopping cart if any.

Content Management System

At Red Flag we provide our customers with elegant and cost-efficient solutions that make it easy for them to edit and publish their content, pictures, videos on their websites with no technical skill required or knowledge to manage through selected Content Management Systems (CMS). A Content Management System (CMS) is an Internet based software that allows you to organize and keep track of text, photos, videos, documents on your website. When it comes to CMS our assessments results depends on our customers’ existing solutions and where they want to go. Thus if a design – also called layout or template – exists for a particular CMS such as WordPress or Joomla and if the customer has no CMS or already has that CMS then we’ll propose the customer to have the given design customized – business logo and colors – in order to reduce costs and recoded for SEO purposes.
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About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website's page's – or web pages – in search engine results. Your content might be great and your keywords sound. However optimizing a website for search engines essentially involves editing its coding to make it easily indexed and increase its relevance to keywords so the web pages summaries appeal to the Internet users. When for keywords entered in a search engine an Internet user sees in the results summary in line with what he's looking for he will simply click the related links to browse the websites and find out more to rather than wasting time clicking links whose summaries bears no resemblance what he’s actually searching and who might be showing up because of the collection of keywords those sites have which in turn can negatively affect those websites ranking. At Red Flag we make sure your website makes sense for your target audience. We don't design websites. We engineer them.
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