Red Flag helps businesses capitalize on mobile. We design and develop mobile apps and mobile optimised websites that give companies a sustainable mobile presence and an outstanding mobile user experience to their customers. Red Flag also provides local search SEO, mobile, social media and IT consultancy services.

Our clients websites are mobile friendly either as dedicated mobile web apps or responsive websites, SEO optimised, CMS based and integrate social media. Whether the website is being accessed from a mobile, a tablet or a desktop the content is always managed from one single source. Our clients have complete control over the look and feel of their website along with menu, location, offers and social media management. Because it's browser-based our clients can edit the content of their mobile web apps and their websites at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Our typical development process is as follows

  1. Meeting with the customer to discuss the project requirements.
  2. Template design and functionality presented to and agreed by client.
  3. Development of the fully functional project to the agreed specs using the latest coding standards including content migration and search engine optimisation (SEO).
  4. Quality and performance testing, user acceptance.
  5. Delivery, training and documentation.

Once the project is completed we constantly monitor our clients mobile apps and websites to make sure everything is OK. We simply don't provide a product and walk away. Once you've joined our clients community we'll keep a close eye on the mobile solution – mobile app or/and mobile optimised website – we've developed for you to make sure it's always performing to the highest standards for the satisfaction of your customers and trusted partners. We'll also provide you with top-notch technical support, advice and keep you updated on industry news so you can fully appreciate how neat the mobile app or website you've trusted us with is.