We are delighted and proud of the new website Red Flag has designed and developed for us. Online marketing for any tourism organisation is vital. With the booming market of smartphones and tablets, it was extremely important to find the right technology that would adapt to a market that is in constant evolution. The technology and development that Red Flag proposed just did that. The implementation was smooth and was facilitated by a data take on program developed by Red Flag. Our staff find the site very easy to use and manage. The sophisticated level of automation developed by Red Flag has reduced the site's administration time by more than 50% allowing us to concentrate on the core functions of Wicklow County Tourism. Already, after only two live weeks, we are getting very positive comments about the quality of the website, particularly the smartphone version. We're also seeing how quickly our pages are being well indexed on search engines. We found Red Flag to be extremely supportive and quick to react to our needs, which they fulfilled way beyond our expectations.

Benefit For Wicklow County Tourism Members

The new site will increase the probability of our members getting found and engaged with by visitors through state of the art search engine optimisation, design and site navigation. The site incorporates all the latest cutting edge ideas which enhance the effectiveness of the site including optimisation for smartphones, which currently account for 30% of all web searches and growing. We expect the new site to generate a significant increase in visitors, with resulting increased business for our members.

Business Opportunities For Wicklow County Tourism

We strongly believe this site has the potential to increase our membership revenue by 20% thereby achieving a monetary return higher than the investment on the site in less than a year.

Internet Users Point Of View

This project brings the concept of “Tourism Website” to a new level. Visitors can not only browse our destination by categories (attractions, activities, events, food, shops, etc.) but also by town and villages. We are giving the visitor an extra opportunity to browse through the same categories but from a town or village perspective. This function also gives visitors the opportunity to define what’s around them once they have reached their holiday destination thereby enhancing a visitor’s ability to search and find exactly what they are looking for with the minimum of effort and have directions to that location. The site is optimised for smartphones and a smartphone app will soon be available thus ensuring that Visit Wicklow is available to visitors anywhere, anytime on any device both online and offline.

I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Red Flag for the great job they've done on our website.

Fred Verdier - Wicklow County Tourism Manager