Five Key Areas For A Successful Mobile Strategy

According to a recent study eBay commissioned to Verdict 75% of mobile users in the UK would spend more through their mobiles if more websites were optimised. As the research shows businesses investing in mobile will see great rewards as…

The Time For Mobile Is Now

mobile is transforming our lives in almost every way
smartphones are driving an explosion of the mobile web
in mobile search along with it
mobile is so good
exchanging in creating new consumer behavior
disconnecting absolutely
mobile is extremely low cost
mobile is indeed bring us to immediately take action
your consumers are mobile
build the mobile site that’s relevant
creative experience that’s useful uniquely mobile
an adapter experience supporting
make mobile part of your parking place

Smartphone Consumers

The rise of smartphones is creating smarter Consumers, creating more opportunities for smarter marketing. Smartphones are always on, always with us, and always connected. In one week we’ve browsed the internet, used a search engine, watched a video, and connected with our friends– all our smartphones. Smartphones have become the ultimate shopping companion, transforming us into more savvy consumers. 79% use a smartphone to help with shopping. Nearly 75% of shoppers made a purchase as a direct result of the info we got from our smartphones.