Social Media

Social Media Figures In Ireland 2013

According to recent social media figures 70% or Irish businesses use Facebook, 61% use Twitter, 61% use LinkedIn and 44% use YouTube. 51% of Irish consumers talk about brands on social media mainly (74%) of offers and promotions. 44% of them to seek advice. There also are 600,000 daily users of Twitter that generate near 1M tweets a day in Ireland. At last 10.7% of the 68% Irish respondents work in a management role in Ireland.

Social Media And What It Says On The Tin

According to a recent study conducted on 2,000 people commissioned by Siteopia 80 percent of Brits admit their Facebook profile are “fake”. Common cheats include misleading profile pictures, fake relationship statuses, tagging locations never visited (10%+), link to articles to…