Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Red Flag Ireland SEO Services

No matter how great your content is there are many issues in SEO it will never solve alone. At Red Flag we've already helped customers identifying and solving the SEO issues they were confronted with. We can help your organisation too.

In order to establish your brand on the web achieving and maintaining a high visibility online is critical. At Red Flag we are experts in Contextual Search. We take into account the Internet users context to make sure your brand achieves high rankings for relevant searches. Our SEO adds value to the content you create by making sure it is presented within the framework of the web in a way which makes it more likely that it will reach the people you want it seen by when they are looking for it.

SEO Audit

Our SEO process starts with an audit where we assess what the current online situation for your brand is. A SEO audit will identify any factor interfering with your brand visibility online and what can be done to remove the identified impediments. As part of the SEO Audit we check the following in particular.

  • Your website content and structure
  • Your webpages search engine ranking for relevant keywords
  • How your webpages appear on search results
  • Your brand on search results
  • Your competition Internet presence

SEO Services

Our initial audit comes with a set of recommendations where one or more of the services below might be required.

  • Website source code restructuration
  • Website navigation enhancements
  • Pages accessibility improvement
  • Internet presence enhancement
  • Traffic Analytics Monitoring

SEO Training

SEO is a process that requires frequent attention in order to maintain a high visibility online. At Red Flag we also provide SEO Training so your business knows how to keep a high online visibility. The following topics are covered in our SEO Training.

  • Working With Google Analytics
  • Optimising Website Content For Search Engines
  • Establishing An Active Presence Online

Our websites are SEO friendly. If you are launching a new website have a look at our web design & development service page. If you have an existing website feel free to contact us or give us a call at (01) 507 9434 to discuss how we can improve your website's SEO friendliness.