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What type of mobile app?

17 June 2013

Native Approach Cases

One Operating System. If your target audience – or most of it – is using a specific operating system (OS) then you may want to release a native mobile app for that platform in order to maximise the mobile user's experience. For instance if the app you're thinking of is aimed at employees in your company and all the employees are issued with an Android mobile phone then achieving multiplatform coverage is not necessarily be a priority. In such a case an Android native app makes sense.

Native Functionality. For apps requiring access to a native functionality such as access to the mobile user's contact list, web languages are simply not yet sufficiently evolved and are far from capable of achieving the desired functionality. Therefore if there is such a requirement for your app then the web app development approach is to be discarded.

Rich User Interface. If your app requires real time responsiveness then native is the way to go as web technologies do not yet provide an adequate solution.

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