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What type of mobile app?

17 June 2013

Web Approach Cases

Pilot App. The web app development approach to create a pilot version of the app can be a compelling and cost-effective tactic when comparing the costs and time to market involved in the development of a native as opposed to a web app. Once the concept has been proven there are two options.

  1. Start again from the beginning and go for a native app.
  2. Use portions of the existing application and go for an hybrid app.

Distribution. If you don't want your app to be subject of a sometimes long and uncertain approval process and if your app is to be distributed internally then using purely web languages is a way to go around the app-store approval process and allow your organisation to fully control the distribution of the app and its periodical updates.

Visibility Another advantage of creating a web app is its visibility in search engine results exposing this way the mobile app to a larger audience than that available through the app store alone in some cases.

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